Teacher and Students welfareBooks DonationBehavioral Capacity Development Dissemination of viable and durable informationC.O.R.E Skills For Teens S.M.A.R.T Coach and MentorEmpathy, Generosity, Solidarity, Integrity.

Teacher and Students welfareBooks DonationBehavioral Capacity Development Dissemination of viable and durable informationC.O.R.E Skills For Teens S.M.A.R.T Coach and MentorEmpathy, Generosity, Solidarity, Integrity.

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This is a one year program granting detailed information for surmounting the challenges of teenagehood.  The curriculum spans a 12 months inculcation plan.

This is a one year program granting detailed information for surmounting the challenges of teenagehood. The curriculum spans a 12 months inculcation plan.

Our approach is tri-dimensional; Mentoring, Coaching, Personality Branding.

MENTORING: We use our personal and non personal experiences to communicate with our teenagers, this enables them to draw from our bank of experience(s) and to know they're not alone in the walk...

It enables deeper connectivity with them.

COACHING: We know that every human is like a garden and the input given determines the condition/results that will be ultimately gotten therefore we go the extra mile to make sure our teens settle for nothing but the best in all that pertains to them through in-depth pruning/tilling. " Commitment can turn a dullard into a genius and non-commitment can turn a genius into a dullard."

PERSONALITY BRANDING: We know that character defines your destiny, so we make our teens recognize Thoughts>Actions>Habits that should be embraced or rejected in the pursuit of destiny, fulfillment and distinction.

Teenagehood is the foundation of adulthood and is the period where juvenile delinquency is at its peak when not properly managed through the right approach...

The teenage era can be a very volatile one if proven strategies are not employed to curb the wildness this stage has to offer.

Teenagers often feel misunderstood, abandoned and threatened.

The truth is teenagehood is the foundation for adulthood and the materials used to mount the foundation determines if it will be durable or not.

There is a difference between one's chronological age and one's mental age and anomalies are birthed when issues are not nipped in the bud as they arise.

Poor communication to and from parents, teachers ...

Bullying, Low self esteem, Pressure to conform, Uncoordinated access to the internet, Quest for Adventure, Anxiety Disorder, Impulsive disorder, AI interference with traditional learning, ADHD, and loads more are the emotional and mental baggages some of these teenagers carry.

Statistics from the World Health Organization et al...stated that:

• 20% of all teens suffer from depression before they reach adulthood.

• All mental health problems begin by age 14 and most cases are undetected and untreated.

• Nearly only 30% of teens with depression are being treated for it.

• Female teens develop depression twice as often as their male counterparts.

• Teen depression has increased to 59% since 2007.

• Teens who suffer from depression also have a 30% chance of developing a drug problem later in life.

• An adolescent dies from suicide every 100 minutes making it the third leading cause of death for people ages 15-24.

However, Life coaching/mentoring can be a game-changer for teens, helping them build a strong foundation for success and happiness. 

It's amazing to see teens grow and thrive when they have the right support and guidance. 

By prioritizing their personal growth and well-being alongside academics, you're giving them the tools they need to excel in all areas of life. 

This is the objective of this program.


Life coaching is important for teenagers because it helps them navigate the challenges of adolescence and sets them up for success in life. 

Below are some reasons:

• Self-discovery: Coaching helps teens identify their values, passions, and strengths, building a strong sense of identity and purpose.

• Goal-setting: Coaches work with teens to set and achieve goals, developing skills in planning, prioritization, and accountability.

• Confidence and self-esteem: Coaching fosters a growth mindset, helping teens build confidence and self-belief.

• Resilience and stress management: Teens learn effective coping strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and emotions.

• Relationship skills: Coaching helps teens develop healthy communication skills, boundary-setting, and conflict resolution.

• Academic and career guidance: Coaches support teens in exploring career options and developing a plan for academic success.

• Personal growth and development: Coaching encourages teens to step out of their comfort zones, try new things, and develop new skills.

• Support system: A coach provides a safe, non-judgmental space for teens to share concerns and receive guidance and more often than not, teenagers open up to coaches than they would to their parents or teachers.

By investing in life coaching, teenagers can gain valuable skills, insights, and support to thrive in life!


C.O.R.E Skills For Teens is a one year program structured on 4 Modules/Levels(Beginner, Intermediate , Advanced, Master) and 36 components which borders on; 

• Personal Growth and Development. 

• Relationships and Communication. 

• Academics and Career.

• Life Skills and Independence. 

• Social and Emotional Intelligence.


a) Hands on professional friends they can confide in and be sure to have safe and dependable advice from when needed.

b) An intensive, extensive and interactive platform revealing the fundamentals for sustainable growth, development and mental wellness.

c) A community geared towards personal and societal elevation.

d) The program has been tested and proven to enable the teenager scale the turbulent stage teenagehood is rife with.

A teenager that is enabled to depth-fully understand the world within and around them will grow into a balanced, insightful adult who will be of positive influence to the society.

Why 15-17 year old teenagers? It's that way because 15 is the middle ground between the advent of teenagehood 13 and adulthood 18 and 17 is the last age before adulthood (18).

13, 14, (15), 16, (17) 18.


• Improved academic performance and engagement.

• Enhanced student well-being and mental health.

• Increased confidence and self-esteem.

• Better equipped to overcome challenges and achieve goals.

• Developed essential life skills for future success.

• Showcases school as a model that prioritises the holistic development of their students.

• Regular feedback and communication with school administrators and teachers.


A life coaching program for teens can benefit their parents in several ways:

• Improved communication: As teens learn effective communication skills, parents will notice better expression of thoughts, feelings, and needs.

• Reduced conflict: Coached teens are more likely to manage conflicts and disagreements in a constructive manner.

•Increased responsibility: Teens will take more ownership of their actions, chores, and decisions, reducing parental stress.

• Enhanced problem-solving: Coached teens develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, seeking solutions rather than relying on parents.

• Better goal-setting: Teens set and work towards goals, aligning with parental expectations and values.

• Improved mental health: Coached teens will better manage stress, anxiety, and emotions, reducing parental concern.

• Stronger relationships: Parents will likely experience a deeper, more meaningful connection with their teen as they grow in self-awareness and empathy.

• Support for parenting challenges: Coaches can offer guidance and resources for parents, helping them navigate teen-specific issues.

• Increased confidence: Parents will likely feel more confident in their parenting approach as they see their teen thrive.

• A shared language: Parents and teens will develop a common language and framework for personal growth and development.

By investing in a life coaching program for their teen(s), parents can benefit from a more harmonious, supportive, and growth-oriented relationship!T


• Empowered youths: Coaching helps teens develop confidence, self-awareness, and self-belief, leading to a more empowered and engaged youth population.

• Improved mental health: Coaching addresses mental health concerns, such as anxiety and depression, promoting a healthier and happier society.

• Increased academic success: Coached teens tend to perform better academically, leading to a more educated and skilled workforce.

• Reduced crime and delinquency: By addressing underlying issues and promoting positive behaviors, coaching can reduce juvenile crime and delinquency rates.

• Stronger family relationships: Coaching teens can improve communication and conflict resolution skills, leading to stronger family bonds and a more supportive community.

• Positive role models: Coached teens are more likely to become positive role models, inspiring others and creating a ripple effect of positivity.

• Increased community involvement: Coached teens are more likely to engage in volunteer work and community service, fostering a sense of social responsibility.

• Better decision-making: Coaching promotes critical thinking and informed decision-making, leading to a more responsible and informed society.

• Improved relationships: Coached teens develop healthy relationship skills, leading to stronger, more meaningful connections with peers, family, and community members.

• A more compassionate society: By promoting empathy and understanding, coaching teens can create a more compassionate and supportive society.

By investing in life coaching for teens, we can create a more empowered, responsible, and compassionate society, leading to a brighter future for all!


• We have a team of thorough-bred, experienced professionals who have a proven track record of success in coaching and mentoring and are dogged in the pursuit and attainment of the aforementioned values in any teenager we work with. 

Our team comprises of Internationally Certified Behavioral Capacity Development Consultants, Practicing Psychologists, Certified Life coaches, Instructors and Trainers in Nigeria, the UK, US and Canada.

• Customized program to meet the specific needs of each teenager.

• Ongoing support and evaluation to ensure program effectiveness.


• Weekly coaching and mentoring sessions (individual/group, Physical and Virtual) by Behavioural Capacity Development Consultants, Counsellors and Psychologists.

• International Guest speakers and workshops.

• Peer support and accountability

• Fun activities and team-building exercises.

• Bootcamp (both local and overseas).

• Regular progress assessments.

• Goal achievement tracking.

• Participant feedback and evaluation.

PROGRAM COMMENCEMENT: Sept 1st 2024 to August 31st 2025.

Registration for the first level or all levels is open and closes on 31st August 2024.


Beginner: N150,000(3 months).I

Intermediate: N150,000 (3 months).

Advanced: N180,000 (3 months).

Master: N180,000 (3 months).

Making a total of 12 months(funds are for charitable purposes and will be used to elevate the teaching and learning conditions of teachers and students in underserved public secondary schools).



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